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Smart Fire Service

How can emerging technologies assist the firefighter in carrying out their job on-site?


Technological change is inevitable, and with it comes significant opportunities for the fire service. The complexity of modern, industrialized life has created an increase in the skills needed in firefighting. Not only the technology itself, but also the knowledge and expertise required to effectively use it, are of paramount importance

Subset questions include:

  • VR and AR: How can emerging technologies such as AR and VR assist the firefighter in carrying out his/her job more easily? For instance, by means of training?
  • How to train firefighters in using these new technologies?
  • Drones and Wearable Technology: How to use drones to support the actions in the field, How to use the new robotic devices to assist the firefighter? How to automate robots, drones and other FF equipment to assist the fire officer. Wearable technology is a fact of life today – whether it is your fitness tracker or your smart watch. How can wearable technology be advantageous for the firefighting department?
  • Do you have a solution fort his topic that we didn’t think of yet?  Feel free to also enter the hackathon with this new solution