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How can we use SMART technology in buildings to our advantage to help the Fire Department in fire detection and prevention?


In the building of the future, connectivity and the use of smart sensors will be central. This offers possibilities to detect incidents more quickly, to give first responders a quick sketch of a situation, detect where people are in the house, etc. Firefighters are now operating in an ever increasing sensor rich environment that is creating vast amounts of potentially useful data. The “Smart” firefighting of tomorrow is envisioned as being able to fully exploit select data to perform work tasks in a highly effective and efficient manner. Behind the advances of the new sensor and tool enhanced fire fighter of tomorrow are profound questions of how to best enable effective use of this deluge of valuable information.

Subset questions include:

  • How can we more accurately determine the likelihood of fires in houses (and allocate resources accordingly)?
  • How to optimize the use of smart sensors in situational awareness and personnel and victim location during a fire?
  • How do we ensure a safe connected SMART system used by the fire department and its partners?
  • How to guarantee a safe internal communication network between the fire department and the smart devices