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Smart Mobility

How can the fire brigade efficiently deal with new challenges in mobility?


Not only buildings, but the entire environment in which the fire brigade operates is becoming more diverse and smarter. Mobility in particular will undergo a major change, just think of electric transport, mobility as a service, automation, smart infrastructure, etc. As a result, emergency situations are expected to become less frequent, but on the other hand more complex and challenging.

Subset questions include:

  • How to track and allocate firefighting resources in the most efficient way possible given the challenges in mobility?
  • How to collect data across the fire ground and response area, centrally analyze the information, and distribute the results as decision tools to firefighting teams and incident command as appropriate?
  • How to use technologies such as Augmented reality to support the firefighter on the actual incident site.
  • How to train the firefighter in an optimal way to deal with new situations in mobility (smart vehicles, smart infrastructure)?
  • How to find a quick and secure way to safely contain fires in electrical vehicles?